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What Are The Most Popular Promotional Products To Give Away?

Any business can benefit from the power of promotional products. These are simply any item that you imprint your logo or slogan on and give to your customers as well as potential customers. The concept of this marketing tactic is to enhance your brand awareness.

If you have learned about promotional products and are excited to get started giving them away, you will greatly benefit from trying these top promotional products below. These are the awesome items that many consumers are looking to receive.

Swag Bag

When your company participates at industry tradeshows it’s always a good idea to give away swag bags. These are simple plastic handbags that make it convenient for customers to carry other items around. Keep in mind that when you supply the bag, all your competitor’s promotional products will end up hidden inside your logoed bag.

Retractable Badge Holders

Most tradeshows require guests to wear an identification badge to help others at the show know who they are representing. Use this knowledge to your advantage and offer free retractable badge holders. If you are the first stand inside the door, everyone will be using your badge holders and showcasing your brand off all day long. Promotional Products http://promotionalproducts100.com.au/


Pens are always great products to promote your business. People will eat these up when they are given out for free. The best part is they will be using your pen for a long time, as long as the ink lasts to be specific. This showcases your brand to them over and over again for months.


Imprinting your company name or logo on a lanyard is always a good way to increase your brand awareness. Individuals use lanyards to carry identification cards at work, keys for the car, and so many other things. Make sure they always grab for a lanyard with your company name on it.

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Custom Buttons

Customised buttons with a message or slogan on them can be great promotional products for your company to give away at trade shows. These buttons will give your brand extra exposure throughout the event as individuals wear them on their clothes, lanyards, and bags.

Customised Gum Packages

Yes, give away the gum. Who turns down a free pack of gum? We are guessing you wouldn’t. These 12-piece custom gum packages are the perfect way to stir up extra attendees at your booth.

Magnet Clips

We are sure that you have some of these on the fridge or your filing cabinet. These magnetic clips make the perfect promotional products as they are very useful and they last for a long time. These are a great way to get customers to remember your business and for them to promote your company to those who visit their home.

There are many promotional products that you can give away, however, we highly recommend that you stick with the ones listed above. These have proven the most popular with consumers.

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